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(Last update: November 29, 2001)
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Winner / Dongara-Jiru
Winner was "Dongara-Jiru" next to last year.

As the result, the winner of this year was also "Dongara-Jiru". The group which sold 100 bowls of pot food could get the winner's title "Nabe Shogun" still last year. But this year, they changed how to select the winner. when the number of bowls which visitors voted wereover 100, that group could get the winner's title.

The result time of the winner was 25 minutes and 14 seconds. It needed longer time than last year because the way how to select a winner. But the winner was "Dongara Jiru", too. Their popularity is deep-rooted! They got the winner's title for 4 years.

Torobeko Jiru, the title of most popular
Torobeko Jiru, the title of most popular

The title for the most popular pot food "Nabe no Tsubone", it was also given to "Torobeko Jiru" next to last year. The way hot to vote was changed, too. It was just a popularity vote still last year. But this year, voter added services of staffs to a condition of vote. Even it, there seems to have been much number of vote.

For a while, their popularity may continue "Dongara of north and Torobeko of south" at this event "Heisei Nabe Gassen". We want other group to try hard by all means.

Drawing lots
Drawing lots
People waiting for the result
They watched their ticket and master of ceremonies.
Yell for next time!
Yell for next time!

Scale of the event becomes gradually big, management seems to become terrible by only the the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo. Some people give their opinion that it need new organization with staffs of city office and other groups, like "Ningen Shogi" and "Summer Festival in Tendo"

However, there is a bad effect that a big organization is not readily versatile same as other various kinds of group and organizations. And "Heisei Nabe Gassen" is only event that young people begin planning and young people manage. I want them to follow in the current style.

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