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Performance of Myoken Daiko
Performance of "Myoken Daiko" in snow
Performance of Myoken Daiko

In order to enliven the "Heisei Nabe Gassen", they planned 3 attractions this time. At first one of folk entertainment in Tendo "Myoken Daiko" was performed.

Attractions have been changed every year for trial and error. But I thought that a Japanese drum was just good. because it enlivened pure Japanese style event "Gassen" (battle).

Unfortunately, when a performance began, it has much snow. It was the terrible situation for not only performers but also visiters. Naturally an outdoor event is controlled by weather. But I was very disappointed really.

As the second attraction, kindergarteners at the "Akebono" kindergarten, one of a kindergarten in Tendo city, danced about Daihachi YOSHIDA. Daihachi YOSHIDA was a higher class samurai of Tendo Oda han(clan), he is known that he made an opportunity to manufacture shogi pieces in Tendo.

Performance of kindergarteners

ParaParaGassen 2001 in TENDO

Main event of this year was the dance contest "ParaParaGassen 2001 in TENDO". The new landmark building of Yamagata city "Kajou Central" was opened on January 1, 2001 next to the Yamagata station. At the opening event of this building, many young people performed Japanese fashionable dance "Parapara". And famous Parapara dancers "ParaPara All Stars" who also performed at that event taught visitors and the best dancer was presented the free ticket of Tokyo Disney Land.

It snowed during the event, same as a performance of "Myoken Daiko". They looked miserable because they danced with a mini in heavy snow.

Winner of ParaParaGassen 2001
A championship prize is a pair free ticket to Tokyo Disneyland
ParaParaGassen 2001 in TENDO
Children, old persons, many people danced

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