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(Last modified: December 16, 1998)

Map around
Event at ...
The Parking area of "Nogyou center" (Agricultural center in Tendo)

From Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture) ...
(1) 1 hour by car from the Route 48
(2) 10 minuites by taxi from the Yamadera Station on Senzan Line
# It is better way to drive roads painted skyblue.

From the South area (ex.Tokyo) ...
(1) 10 minuites by car from the Yamagata-Kita Interchange of Yamagata Highway
(2) 10 minuites by train from the Yamagata Station to the Tendo Station.

From the Tendo Station ...
2 minuites on foot

[Map around]
We have also the event "Hatsu Ichi" (the first market in the year) near the event Heisei Nabe Gassen. They control traffic around there.

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