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When I arrived at the event place at 10:00 a.m., about 50 people made a line in front of the gate. They will start the event at 11:30 a.m., same time as last year. It takes over 1 hour to start! I thought they could not put up with their desire. Perhaps they have never eaten a pot food which they wanted to eat because it was sold out. So this year, they came here as soon as possible.
They cook such a large pot!
Cooking of Buta-Kimuchi-Nabe
Each groups calculated time from the start of 11:30 a.m. and were cooking because they wanted visitors to eat the best. Especially the group which cooked Japanese tofu(bean curd) and a leek made a schedule by minutes because these became bad with long cooking time.

After 11:00 a.m. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Yonezawa, they suddenly started to promotion their pot food "Yonezawagyu Torobeko Jiru" with their campaign girls "Miss Yonezawa". After that, each groups started to promote their pot food each other to visitors. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo as a promoter corresponded that situation, they decided to make a chance for all groups to promote them. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Yonezawa
Promotion of Torobeko-Jiru
Promotion of Dongara-Jiru
Promotion of Dongara-Jiri
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sakata, they took part in this event with old Japanese samurai(knight in the Middle Age) fashion. They promoted that their pot food "Dongara Jiru" got the winner's title twice. And others promoted "Dongara Jiru is 500 yen, but our pot food is only 300 yen! Very reasonable!!" I thought this was very pleasant festival.
They decided the promotion time suddenly. But it is good idea, isn't it? Why there was no time to promote each pot food? Visitors are not bored who wait for the start in cold winter and it is very helpful for beginners of this event to decide what they eat first. I want to set a promotion time beforehand!! Promotion of Buta-Kimuchi-Nabe
Promition of Buta-Kimuchi-Nabe

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