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(Last update: January 11, 2001)

<Report of the 5th Nabe Gassen>
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The winner "Dongara Jiru" team
[Nabe Shougun]
"Dongara" got titles 3 times
[YEG in Sakata]
The final ceremony was lonely because ONLY members and the press took part in. But that ceremony was very hot.

The winner's title "Nabe Shogun" which the team sold 100 bowls of pot food at first, the team of Sakata "Shonai Dongara Jiru" got the title with the New record 3min. 31sec. The pot food "Shonai Dongara Jiru" got the title "Nabe Shogun" at the 3rd, 4th and 5th competition. It was very exciting !
And the title for the most popular pot food "Nabe no Tsubone", the team of Yonezawa "Torobeko Jiru" got the title. The team Yonezawa "Torobeko Jiru" also got it last year.

The team Yonezawa gave a speech that they had a decide to got the title "Nabe Shogun" and "Nabe no Tsubone" together next year. If they can get both title next year, it is the first time at the history of the event "Nabe Gassen".
the "Nabe no Tsubone"
[Nabe no Tsubone]

For the next Festival !
interview by NHK
 表彰式の最後には「来年はもっとがんばろう!」という勝ち鬨で閉められました。昨年は県外からもテレビ局が取材に訪れていましたが、今年は山形県内のマスコミ各社しか集まらなかったようです。「取材に行って実際に見てみたけど、たいしたことなかった」ということなんでしょうか? それとも「テレビで放送するまでもなく有名になったからもう取り上げなくてもいいんじゃない?」っていうことでしょうか?

<5th "Nabe Shogun">
Dongara Jiru (YEG in Sakata)
3min. 31sec. (New Record)
Torobeko Jiru (YEG in Yonezawa)
5min. 02sec.
Daihachi Nabe (YEG in Tendo)
6min. 03sec.
<3rd "Nabe no Tsubone">

Torobeko Jiru (YEG in Yonezawa)

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