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"Daihachi Nabe" (YEG in Tendo)
300yen per a bowl
"Daihachi Nabe" is named after Mr.Daihachi YOSHIDA, who is a key person which Tendo is famous as home town of shogi(Japanese chess) in Japan. They cook meat ball of duck, chinese cabage, Japanese noodle "Udon", etc.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group
"Daihachi Nabe"(in Tendo)
[Daihachi Nabe]
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Imoni(in Yamagata)
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"Imoni" (YEG in Yamagata)
300yen per a bowl
In Yamagata, we have many "Imoni" party in autum. So it is very popular pot food in Yamagata, ALL people eat it. They cook beef, taro, Japanese "Konnyaku", Japanese noodle "Udon", etc.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group

Torobeko Jiru(in Yonezawa)
[Torobeko Jiru]
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"Torobeko Jiru" (YEG in Yonezawa)
500yen per a bowl
(thick beef, taro, Japanese Konjyak, grated radish, et.)
They got the the title "Nabe no Tsubone" which was decided the vote of visitors. They have an intention to get both titles "Nabe Shogun" and "Nabe no Tsubone" next year.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group
"Dongara Jiru" (YEG in Sakata)
500 yen per a bowl
(winter cod in the Japanese Miso based soup)

They stewed whole cod in winter. It is very expensive this winter, but they brought much fresh cod for visitors.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group
Dongara Jiru(in Sakata)
[Dongara Jiru]
(Photo at the 4th cometition)

Ebi Jiru(in Tsuruoka)
[Ebi Jiru]
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"Ebi Jiru" (YEG in Tsuruoka)
400 yen per a bowl

They took part in this event from Shonai area in Yamagata pref. beside the Sea of Japan. They came to defeat the "Dongara Jiru" in Sakata where is same Shonai area.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group
"Kamo Nabe" (YEG in Shinjou)
300 yen per a bowl
They cook wild duck with Japanese "Syouyu"(soy source). It is same name with the pot of last year, but there are some difference of flavor.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group
Kamo Nabe(in Shinjou)
[Kamo Nabe]
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Jyosanebe(in Nagai)
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"Jyosanebe" (YEG in Nagai)
300 yen per a bowl
They cooked chiken and many organic vegetables which is grown by the "Rainbow plan" in Nagai city. The name of "Jyosanebe" is named after a dialect "Jyosane" meant easy to do.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group

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