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(Last update: April 5, 2000)

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Date Nabe(in Nakaniida, Miyagi)
[Date Nabe]
(Photo at the 4th cometition)
"Date Nabe" (YEG in Nakaniida, Miyagi pref.)
400yen per a bowl
chicken, chinese cabage, Japanese radish, carrot, etc. It is enough of ingredient.
# YEG = Young Enterprise Group

"Kinoko Suiton Mizusawa fuu" (YEG in Mizusawa, Iwate pref.)
300yen per a bowl
I heard that they cooked many variety of mushrooms, vegetables, wild grasses, etc. But I could not see. So I want them to come next year.
(Sorry! I could not take photos!!)
[No Photo]

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