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(Last modified: January 29, 1999)

We have the event "Heisei Nabe Gassen" at the parking place in front of the Agricultural center in Tendo, same place as last year. Last year we had much snow, but it is fine this year. So, more people visited than last year. It is 4th times this year. Many visitors know how to eat what they want. Many people gathered in front of the gate at 11:00 (before 30 minuites).
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TV program
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Every year TV programs and newspapers also visited to report. And this year many programs visited not only in Yamagata Prefecture but also in Miyagi Prefecture next to Yamagata Prefecture. Many teams prepared a sample pot food for them before start. It was very lucky for me because I asked visitors with pot food to let me take pictures.
A team "Dongara Jiru" by YEG in Sakata, the last winner "Nabe Shogun", returned the winner's cup shaped a cup before start. They performed on the starge (in fact on the track...) for visitors.
Return of the Winner's Cup
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