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1. 5th Nabe Gassen on January 16, 2000

The pot food competition "Heisei Nabe Gassen" takes place on every January 15, national holiday "Coming of Age Day". But they changef the law about national holidays and the "Coming of Age Day" is decided at the 2nd Sunday on January. So next festival takes place on January 16. And the place is changed. Take Care !

Event / 5th Heisei Nabe Gassen
Day / January 16, 2000 (Sunday)
Place / Tendo Chubu Elementary school (north side of the last festival)
Now about 20 teams wll take part in the 5th festival same as last year. And new team "International community association in Tozawa village" take part in the 5th Festival. They say that teams will be decide on December 21. I will update the list of teams as soon as possible. Wait a moment, please ?
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