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(Last update: April 5, 2000)

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2. Bus Tour to Nabe Gassen !

What event ...?
It is very difficult to eat a popular pot food. So they will have the new event "Nabe Gassen Eve" as a tasting.. At this event, we can eat all kind of pot food completely. AND you take part in the 5th festival, cook your own pot food.

January 15(Saturday), 2000
Leave the JR Tokyo Station
---> Go to Tendo city by bus
Arrive at Tendo city
---> Sightseeing at Yamadera, Dewazakura Museum of Art, Hiroshige Museum of Art, Shogi Tower, etc.
Arrive at the Hotel "Takinoyu Hotel"
---> (web page of the Takinoyu Hotel...)
18:30 Open the event "Nabe Gassen Eve" (at Takinoyu Hotel)
January 16(Sunday), 2000
Arrive at the place of "Heisei Nabe Gassen"
---> Cook your pot food
11:30 Open the 5th Festival
13:00 Finish the 5th Festival
Leave Tendo city
---> Go to Tokyo by bus
19:00 Arrive at the JR Tokyo Station
Fee ...?
4 or 5 people in 1 room / 22,000yen per 1 person
3 people in 1 room / 24,000yen per 1 person
2 people in 1 room / 25,000yen per 1 person

How many people ...?
45 people lived in around Tokyo (quit this tour under 35 people)

More Infomation ...
Taihei Kankou Co.ltd
TEL +81-23-632-3555
# Attention!
# If you want to apply, you have to call the Commerce and Industry Chamber in Tendo.

Where to apply ...?
1-3-28, Oinomori, Tendo-shi, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan (ZIP code / 994-0031)
Chamber of Commerce in Tendo (staff - Mr. Hiroyuki GOTO)
TEL +81-23-654-3511 / FAX +81-23-651-3060
# Attention!
# If you want more infomation about this tour, you have to call the company "Taihei Kankou".

2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner (Free to drink and eat at the event "Nabe Gassen Eve")

Takinoyu Hotel (web page of "Takinoyu Hotel" ....)
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