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(Last update: April 5, 2000)

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6. 5th winner "Dongara Jiru"!

The winner "Nabe Shogun" of the 5th competition was also "Dongara Jiru". The most earlier samurai to sell 100 bowls of pot food can get the title "Nabe Shogun". "Dongara Jiru" got the title 3 times still now.
And the title "Nabe no Tsubone" was gaved to the "Torobeko Jiru". The title "Nabe no Tsubone" was decided by the voting of guests.

<5th "Nabe Shogun">
1st Dongara Jiru (YEG in Sakata) 3min.31sec.(New record)
Torobeko Jiru (YEG in Yonezawa) 5min.02sec.
3rd Daihachi Nabe (YEG in Tendo) 6min.03sec.
<3rd "Nabe no Tsubone">

Torobeko Jiru (YEG in Yonezawa)
And NHK (Japan Broadcast Association), they will broadcast on TV about the 5th Competition.
(The date of the program "YuYu Tohoku" was changed !)
"YuYu Tohoku"(Only in Tohoku region in Japan)
from 5:05p.m./ Fri. Jan.28, 2000
"YY Hot Channel"(Only in Yamagata pref.)
from 11:40a.m./ Wed. Jan.19, 2000

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