Highlights of 5th Fes.(Big Lottery)Japanese
(Last update: April 5, 2000)

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5. Big Lottery

As a sub-event, there were a big lottery in the 3rd festival and 4th festival. And this year, they will have a bigger lottery in 2000 as well. At the 4th festival, we can get a ticket for lottery by changing 3 bowls of pot foods. This year we can take part in the bigger lottery with Japanese New Year Post Card. Japanese New Year Post Card is printed numbers.

<They are preparing many prizes...>
  • 2,000 coins of 5yen as a memory of the 5th festival and they year 2000 !
  • the gift ticket for hotels of Tendo Onsen(Spa)
  • free ticket of "Yupia", Tendo Mogamigawa Spa
  • free ticket of "Tendo Kougen" ski resort
  • Many products of the members of the Commerce and Industry Chamber in Tendo
etc. etc...
Don't forget Japaese New Year Post Card !

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