Report of 4th Fes. (No.3)Japanese

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We could change 3 cups for a ticket for lottery. They gathered many variety of prizes below.
  • 1st Prize
    free pair tickets for 4 hotels below in Tendo Spa
    (Tsuruya, Takinoyu Hotel, Matsu no Yu, Benino Shou, Hotel Oushou)

  • 2nd Prize
    television, shirts, electric carpet, codeless iron, cherry in a early season, camera, beer 1 box

  • 3rd Prize
    pot of amaryllis, clock, salmon, Japanese noodle, bulbs of amaryllis, china, Japanese sake, cooling box, soap, iron plate, long chair, coffee set, wine, towel, sweet roasted chestnuts, shiitake mushroom, store box, album

  • 4th Prize
    Pipe chair, toilet paper, basket, handkerchief, tissue paper, plastic wrap, detergent , photo film, pitcher, buswash, battery
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Ballot Box
[Ballot Box for "Nabe no Tsubone"(7KB-jpeg)]
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We don't have to throw away our chopsticks to bins. We have to use them for the election of the most popular pot food this year "Nabe no Tsubone". We throw away our chopsticks to boxes which sign each pot food. The 1st "Nabe no Tsubone" was the pot "Chige". Of course they also took part in this time. And we could change 3 cups for a ticket for lottery. Those ideas made that place clean easy.

4th Nabe Shogun
[4th Nabe Shogun(9KB-jpeg)]
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The winner "Nabe Shogun" was also "Dongara Jiru" by YEG in Sakata.But it was a near thing, different from last year. It meant that others could develop new interesting pot foods. YEG in Sakata got the winner's cup and a package of the cherry in a early season. It costs about 80,000 yen !!
Speech of Winner
[Speech of Winner(7KB-jpeg)]
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<4th Nabe Shogun>
"Shonai Dongara Jiru" (YEG in Sakata)
3'45" (3min. 45sec.)
"Yonezawa Gyu Torobeko Jiru" (YEG in Yonezawa)
6'47" (6min. 47sec.)
"Yonezawa Gyu Miso ni Nabe" (Beni no Kura)
7'27" (7min. 27sec.)
<2nd Nabe no Tsubone>
"Yonezawa Gyu Torobeko Jiru" (YEG in Yonezawa)

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