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It was snowing during the event this year. It was fine in the moring. But it started to snow about at 9 o'clock (start of the First Market) and the roads covered with much snow at 11 o'clock (start of Heisei Nabe Gassen).

At the 1st and 2nd festival, they have done at the Tendo-Tyubu elementary school. But they did the event at the parking of "the Agriculture center in Tendo" next to the elementary school because they are rebuilding this year.

At this year, there was less jam than last year. I think that this is why it was cold and snowing.
People waiting for start
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Ryujin-Daiko (10KB-jpeg)
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The "Ryujin-Daiko", which is one of the traditional drum performance in Tendo, performed before starting the "Heisei Nabe Gassen".

They were unlucky to performe in a tent by the gate because it was snowing.

There were many people around the gate who were waiting for the start. So almost people could not watch them.
Next to the performance of "Ryujin-Daiko", a member of Dongara-Jiru, who got the last "Nabe Syogun" returned the cup of pot food.

The samurai who received it was the cheef of this event Toshiyuki Endo.

They performed on the truck to be seen by many visiters.
Return the last winner's cup
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Leaflet of the 3rd festival
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