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Around the place, they decorated with many flags and signboards to cheer up the event "Heisei Nabe Gassen".

By the entrance, there was a signboard about teams of pot food. There were all teams around the place and there were many tents in the center of it. In the tents, they prepared many desks and chair for visites.

They covered the tents with clear sheet because it may snowed.

In fact, it was snowing during the event. They were very helpful for visiters.
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At the entrance of the place, there was a big signboard like this. Many people could know this event who did not know it.

With big signboard like this, we were excited.

There was no people in that picture because I took the photo during no people to take clearly.

Next to the entrance, there was the signboard about their request of the organaizer.

I did not know that visiters read it before they entered. But they looked to do as their request.

The end of the notices, they said about a new food "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu". They made it same meat and vegetable. It is a kind of the bun stuffed with the chicken and the wild duck.

Their request
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At the place to vote for the prize "Nabe no Tsubone" (The queen of pot food), they set many boxes which the farmers used. It looked no good, but it was very useful.

It is the way to threw your chopsticks into the box which you liked the variety of pot food. And they gave you the ticket to draw lots if you brought them your cup of pot food.

It was very excellent way to gather garbage.
There were many flags of "Heisei Nabe Gassen" in line by the place "Agriculture center in Tendo".

They made us be excited.

If they have set many flags from the Tendo station to the place, it was very beautiful and excited. But it will cost very much ...
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