The 3rd FestivalJapanese
(Last modified: June 11, 1998)

There are some NEW POINTS this year !

1. New food"Daihachi Nabe Manzyu"

Daihachi Nabe Manzyu
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They will serve a new food this year. It is called "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu". It is a kind of the bun stuffed with the chicken and the wild duck. Please try different types of "Daihachi Nabe".

2. Another new event

3. "Nabe Syougun" and "Nabe no Tsubone"

Final (12KB-jpeg)
There has been the prize "Nabe Syougun" (the king of the pot food). They give it to the pot food which was sold out 100 cups at first. And this year, we have another prize "Nabe no Tsubone" (the queen of the pot food). You decided this new prize. You put your chopsticks into the special box which was in front of the pot you like. They chose the prize "Nabe no Tsubone" by weight. The "Chige nabe" got it this year.

4. Many TV programs and newspapers

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