The 4th Fes.(highlight)Japanese
(Last modified: January 29, 1998)

1. Winner "Dongara Jiru" !
2. TV & Newspaper
3. "New Daihachi Nabe Manjyu"

1. Winner "Dongara Jiru" !

At the 4th festival, the team YEG in Sakata got the title "Nabe Shogun".
They send the title "Nabe Shogun" to the earliest team who can sell 100 bowls of pot food.
YEG in Sakata, they became a winner 2 times next to last year.

And the title "Nabe no Tsubone", they send it "Yonezawa Gyu Torobeko Jiru".
This year they sell about 12,000 bowls of pot food totally.

<4th Nabe Shogun>
"Shonai Dongara Jiru" (YEG in Sakata)
3'45" (3min. 45sec.)
"Yonezawa Gyu Torobeko Jiru" (YEG in Yonezawa)
6'47" (6min.47 sec.)
"Yonezawa Gyu Miso ni Nabe" (Beni no Kura)
7'27" (7min.27sec.)
<2nd Nabe no Tsubone>
"Yonezawa Gyu Torobeko Jiru" (YEG in Yonezawa)

2. TV & Newspaper!

Many TV programs and newspapers visited at the event, not only in Yamagata Prefecture but also Sendai City (Miyagi Prefecture) next to Yamagata.

Please E-mail me if you know other infomation !

3. New "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu"

Daihachi Nabe Manzyu
This time they sell the new "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu". It is a kind of the bun stuffed with the chicken and the wild duck.

Last year they make it tasted of solt. But this year they will cook it tasted of Japanese Syoyu (soy saurce).
Please try different types of "Daihachi Nabe".

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