2nd festivalJapanese
(Last modified: January 19, 1998)

  • Date:
      On January 15, 1997
  • Visiter:
      About 10,000 people
      How many cups they served
      About 8,000
  • The title of "Nabe Shougun"
      "Ankou" pot(a kind of fish).
Poster of 2nd Festival
Larger pictutre...(36KB)
How variety of pot food:
  • Imo-ni (Yamagata YEG)
  • Dongara-Jiru (Sakata YEG)
  • Yaro Nabe (Tsuruoka YEG)
  • Youzan Nabe (Yonezawa YEG)
  • Ajisai Nabe (Shinjyou YEG)
  • Jyoumon Nabe (Nagai YEG)
  • Daihachi Nabe (Tendo YEG)
  • Kaisen Nabe (Kesennuma YEG)
  • Pot of Chili (Mexico)
  • Chauder (USA)
  • Pot of Queen of Victoria (UK)

  • Italian Pot (Italy)
  • Green curry (Thailand)
  • Pot of club (China)
  • Chige (Korea)

  • Pot of wild grass
  • Sin Yuki Nabe
  • Gin mutsu Daikon Nabe
  • Pot of club
  • Syabu syabu of beef
  • Pot of chicken and mushroom
  • Ankou Nabe

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