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(Last update : January 10, 2001)
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1. Decided the schedule of the 6th Festival

Until now, they held the event "Heisei Nabe Gassen" on the national holiday "Coming-of-Age Day" every year. However the law about national holidays was changed, "Coming-of-Age Day" is fixed on the 2nd Sunday on January. So they decided a schedule below.

Now same groups will take part in the 6th festival. And there are some new faces "Zennihon Nabemono Kenkyukai"(Meeting to study pot cooking in whole Japan), "Uoshou Kumiai"(Cooperation of fish shop), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ishinomaki, Miyagi pref, and the association of Jyagaramogara. I show more concrete list of pot cooking at "Highlight of the 6th Nabe Gassen(Pot List)".

The 6th Festival "Heisei Nabe Gassen"
January 14, 2000
At the Tendo Chubu elementary school
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Opening Ceremony
Promotion of each groups
Performance of a local traditional band "Tendo Odahan Ishin Gungakutai"
Start !
Performance of a local traditional drum "Myoken Daiko"
Performance of a dance by children of the Akebono kindergarden
Sub Event / ParaParaGassen 2001 in TENDO
"ParaPara" is a most famous popular dance in Japan. They give a prize for the the best dancer with the ticket to the Tokyo Disney Land.
Awards ceremony
Sub Event / Big Lottery
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