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(Last update : January 10, 2001)
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2. The 2nd Pre-Event of the Nabe Gassen
Poster of the Pre-Event
(This is a last poster)
What event... ?
Most people cannot eat some popular pot cooking "Dongara Jiru", "Torobeko Jiru", etc. So they have a party of pre-event for the people who cannot eat those pot cooking. At this party, they serve many pot cooking which got the winner's title "Nabe Shogun", the most popular pot cooking "Nabe no Tsubone". You can eat many variety of pot cooking and drink local Japanese sake, beer, etc.
Participation Charge
4,800 yen per a person (Eat and Drink Free)
January 13, 2000
19:00 Opening Ceremony
19:15 Start
19:30 Promotion of Campaing girls of the Heisei Nabe Gassen
Performance of a local traditional drum "Myoken Daiko"
Performance of a Japanese koto by a descendant of samurai "Daihachi YOSHIDA"
20:30 Lottery (Present of local Japanese sake,masterpieces, etc. )
21:00 Finish
Only 50 people in the order of arrival
994-0031 / 1-3-28, Oinomori, Tendo-shi, Yamagata pref. JAPAN
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo
TEL +81-23-654-3511 / FAX +81-23-651-3060

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