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This year over 20 kinds of pot foods took part in the event. And 2 new parties came to get the title "Nabe Shogun", International community association in Tozawa village in Yamagata pref. and YEG in Mizusawa in Iwate pref.
Samurai Name Contents Price
YEG in Yamagata "Imoni" taro, beef, leek 300yen
YEG in Sakata "Dongara Jiru"
3rd and 4th "Nabe Shogun"
(the most selled pot food)
cod in winter 500yen
YEG in Tsuruoka "Ebi Jiiru"
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prawn, Japanese Tohu(bean curd), leek, Japanese Miso(soybean paste) 300yen
YEG in Yonezawa "Torobeko Jiru"
2nd "Nabe no Tsubone"
(the most popular pot food)
beef in Yonezawa, taro, Japanese radish, honewort 500yen
YEG in Shinjou "Kamo Nabe" duck, leek 300yen
YEG in Nagai "Jyosanebe" chicken, leek, Japanese tohu 300yen
YEG in Tendo "Daihachi Nabe" meat ball of duck, Japanese sake lees, Japanese sake lees, Japanese Udon noodle 300yen
YEG in Mizusawa "Kinoko Suiton-jiru" Mushrooms, vegetables, wild grass 300yen
YEG in Nakaniida "Date Nabe" chicken, Japanese radish, carrot 300yen
Party of Kita Honchou shopping Zone "Chanko Nabe"[New Menu]
Brunch of cooks of Japanese dishes in Tendo "Oyako Ishikari Nabe" salmon, salmon roe, Japanese Miso(soybean paste) with Japanese sake lees 300yen
"Jidori Kinoko Nabe" duck, mushrooms 300yen
"Kamo Tsumire Hatto Jiru" vegetable in spring and winter, meat ball of duck 300yen
"Ankou Nabe" angler fish, Japanese Miso(soybean paste) 500yen
"Nama Tarabagani Nabe" club, vegetable 500yen
International community association in Tendo Korean food"Tattorian"
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duck 300yen
Peruvial food "Chupe"
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food in New Zealand "Luis Soup"
Chinese food "Chinese Seafood Pot"
Brazilian food "Kanjya de Garinya"
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International community association in Tozawa village "Buta kimchi Nabe" (kimchi pot food with pork)
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pork, kimchi, Chinese cabbage 300yen
Prefectural International community association in Yamagata food in U.S.A. "Catrrot Cream Soup"
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YEG in Sakata "Kanda Ramen" Chinese noodles in "Dongara Jiru" 500yen
Women party in
Tendo Chamber of Commerce
"Daihachi Siruko"
"Miso Dengaku"
YEG in Tendo "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu"
Japanese "Amazake"

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