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At the place, you could eat a large variety of pot food and watch many sub-event.

The first sub-event, it was the cut of Ankou.

We sometimes have watched it on TV programs and magazines, but not so many people have watched really.

I thought that many people went to eat it after watcing this show.
Cut of Ankou
the cut of Ankou (9KB-jpeg)
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the dance (13KB-jpeg)
Larger pictutre...(74KB)
Next to the cut of Ankou, the member of "Akebono Kindergarten" performed the dance "YOSHIDA Daihachi Kenbu". They danced with kimono (Japanese traditional cloth) and Sense (Japanese traditional fan). They say that all member study this dance after the entry.

Daihachi YOSHIDA, he made samurai produce pieces of Japanese chess. They named "Daihachi Nabe" in Tendo after him.
At last, they did a party to drow lots. All visiters could join the party who eat pot food. They exchanged one cup of food for one ticket.

More cups, more lucky! And they could gather garbage. What a excellent wasy it was !

They prepared many presents, for example, tickets to visit Tendo spa and a return ticket to Nagoya by air. Almost visiters stayed there at the end of the party even though it was snowing.
drawing (12KB-jpeg)
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Awards ceremony
Awards ceremony (12KB-jpeg)
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After the lottery, they had a awards ceremony of "Nabe Syogun" and "Nabe no Tsubone".
  • Nabe Syogun (The king of pot food)
    1. Dongara Jiru
        time: 2m32s
    2. Kaisen Jiru
        time: 6m48s
    3. Imo-ni
        time: 8m15s
  • Nabe no Tsubone (The queen of pot food)
    1. Chige Nabe
    2. Kasu Jiru with salmons
    3. Dongara Jiru

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