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At first they would start at 11:30. But ceremonies progressed smoothly and they started at 11:15, before 15 minuites. The team "Josanebe" (YEG in Nagai) had been preparing because they wanted visitors to eat very good pot food. They cooked in a panic. It was reason that they started before all teams had already prepared because they were swamped by many visitors.
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In the Tent
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We had the "Heisei Nabe Gassen" 4th times. People used to this event joined with 2 or 3 persons and they pleyed their own role. At first one person go to the tent straight without looking aside for keep their space to eat. And next others go to the pot food straight. It is very wise way !

"Shonai Dongara Jiru" is a common cooking at Shonai area (near the Sea of Japan). But it isn't comon cooking at Murayama area (Tendo City, Yamagata City, etc.) because we cannnot get fresh codfish. We have rare chance to eat good "Dongara Jiru". So, almost people in Murayma area go to "Dongara Jiru". This year many teams joined with new pot food. So visitors didn't gather around "Dongara Jiru" only, they made a line to each teams.
Sold Out !
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As a mini event, they performed "Jyanken" for the cherry in a eary season. The season of cherry is from June to July. So this early cherry is very expensive. A cherry costs a few thousands yen (2,000 yen or 3,000 yen). Mr.SAITO plants that cherry who lives in Araya area. He plants early cherry since 10 years before.
Winner of Jyanken
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