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YEG in Yamagata served "Imoni" which is a special food in Yamagata pref. It was a difference between one of this year and one of last year. This year they cooked "Imoni" with Japanese noodle "Udon".

When the autumn comes in Yamagata pref., all people enjoy an open-air party at the river side, we cook and eat "Imoni" many many times in a year. We cook a Japanese noodle "Udon" after we eat contains of "Imoni" completely. It is very delicious!! Please try to cook!!

"Imoni" of Yamagata
By the way, you can buy a retort-packed food of "Imoni" at the Tendo Tourist Center. Would you like to call them if you eat it easily?
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Tendo Tourist Center (Jump to thier web site...[Japanese only])
(TEL +81-23-653-1680 / FAX +81-23-653-1685)

"Dongara Jiru" making set
[Dongara Jiru making set]
Some parties brought local Japanese sake. YEG of Yonezawa served "Toukou Masamune" 50 yen per a cup, YEG of Tendo served Japanese amazake 100 yen per a cup. Amazake is a sweet Japanese sake made from fermented rice.
And they served also "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu" 150 yen per a piece. "Daihachi Nabe Manzyu" is a chinese steamed bun with same ingredients of "Daihachi Nabe", they have served since 3rd festival. Many visitors bought it as a souvenir for their family.
"Daihachi Nabe Manzyu"
[Daihachi Nabe Manzyu]

YEG of Tsuruoka and YEG of Shinjou who was located side by side sold vegetables they brought as ingredient.

It was very reasonable rather than a super market, they sold out in an instant.
Sale of chinese cabage...
[Sale of chinese cabage...]
Sale of leek...
[Sale of leek...]

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