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When "Nabe Bugyou"(boss of this event) gave a signal of a start, all visotors run to each groups all at once. Besides, because there are more number of visitors than a usual year, a meeting place got confused. I saw many children who had fallen down everywhere. Every year it has snowed on the day of this event, all visitors ate hot pot food in cold outdoors. But this year it was warm, it was easy to understand that the most people came here in the history of this event "Heisei Nabe Gassen". Start to eat !
Start to eat !
Just opened
Just opened
So much people gathered here, the event place was very very crowded in about 30 minutes. I heard from one side "I can get the pot food what I want to eat, but there is no space to eat!" and from another side "I cannot go anywhere, cannot go ahead, cannot go back!!" This year it was very good weather and they broadcasted this event in Tohoku area, Japan. Those are the reason which many many people gathered this year, I think. I am happy that many people visit Tendo, but it is very difficult to take picutres of pot foods...

As expected, many people made a line in front of the "Dongara Jiru". I think that this is the cause of area. "Dongara Jiru" is a local cooking of Shonai area in Yamagata Pref., where is in front of the Sea of Japan. Tendo is located in the middle of Yamagata Pref., we have few chance to eat REAL "Dongara Jiru". A local cooking of Murayama area is "Imoni". YEG of Sakata
team YEG Sakata
YEG of Tendo
team YEG Tendo
I saw the scene many times that they eat "Dongara Jiru" at first. If this event "Heisei Nabe Gassen" is took part in Shonai area, the result may be quite the reverse, "Imoni" in Yamagata or in "Daihachi Nabe"Tendo may get the winner's title "Nabe Shogun".
Luis' soup
Luis' soup
An international exchange association in Tendo, an international exchange association of Yamagata local govermentin, they served foreign hot cookings of pot. They promoted that "You can ONLY eat here!". That promotion succeed, many people gathered who finished to eat popular hot cookings of pot ("Dongara Jiru", "Torobeko Jiru", etc.). Especially "Chugoku Kaisen Nabe"(Chinese seafood hot cooking of pot) and "Luis' soup" were popular with many people. I think it is the reason that both hot cookings of pot took part in this event and Miss Luis who cooked "Luis' soup" is a teacher of English in Tendo junior high schools.

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