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Condition of a event place
Condition of a event place just after the start

Weather was good just after the opening for around 30 minutes, about the same number of people as last year visited an event place. You may look it was crowded in a photograph very much, but it was easy to move around because a flow of people was good.

Families eating a pot cooking
Families eating a pot cooking

Tents for eating and drinking installed in a meeting place still now were transferred in outside of an entrance. So, they were succeeded to keep a large free space in the event place. In an event place, I saw many families were full of mouth with hot pot cookings. This was a cause that an event space became larger actually, I thought.

The boy scouts put trash in order
The boy scouts put trash in order

It is not limited to an event, are there stagehands by all means? At the "Heisei Nabe Gassen", boy scouts in Tendo helped them. They gathered leftovers of visiters and plastic bowls which they have finished to use every year. But it seemed to be very hard work because they worked in snow this year. It is role of a stagehand, but I should introduce them even at the closing ceremony.

Voting place of popular cooking
Voting place of popular cooking

This year, a polling place for a popular cooking title "Nabe no Tsubone" was also moved at the entrance of an event place. I thought that they were going to keep an event place as possible. Or they would have visitors carry a foot to the first market. At all events, I tought that the layout of event place was a great success this year.

There seems to be a design that they use an open space at the Kuwanomachi that development progresses in the south side of Tendo Onsen (hot spring) next year. I want them to inherit such know-how even if an event place will be changed.

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