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Pot cooking in Yamagata (7 kinds)
"Daihachi Nabe" (YEG in Tendo)
300 yen per a bowl
This is the pot cooking which was associated with Mr.Daihachi YOSHIDA who was a samurai of "Tendo Oda" feudal clan and made an opportunity that shogi piece became a special product of Tendo. It has many variety of vegetables, Chinese cabbage, meat dumpling of duck and Japanese noodle udon.
"Daihachi Nabe"
Daihachi Nabe
picture at the 5th festival
"Imoni" (Yamagata)
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"Imoni" (YEG in Yamagata)
300 yen per a bowl
This is the "Imoni" at the party "Imoni Kai" which is the Autumn natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Yamagata. We season beef, taro and Japanese konnyaku with soy sauce. It is the taste that you does not get tired of if you eat many bowls of "Imoni". This year they add Japanese noodle udon in it.

"Torobeko Jiru" (YEG in Yonezawa)
500 yen per a bowl
They season thick shin meat of cow, taro, Japanese konnyaku, grated Japanese radish, sea tangle, bonito by saltiness. They got a popularity vote "Nabe no Tsubone" in succession for 3 years. Many people thought that they got the winner's title this year, but unfortunately, it was took by "Syonai Dongara Jiru" next to last year.
Torobeko Jiru (Yonezawa)
Torobeko Jiru
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Dongara Jiru(Sakata)
Dongara Jiru
Larger Picture...(23KB)
"Dongara Jiru" (YEG in Sakata)
500 yen per a bowl
They season the taste of winter of Shonai district, codfish in winter with Japanese miso. A codfish of products of the district in season brings up in cold rough sea of the Sea of Japan and the body is tightened, grease is put. They boiled it for a long time bodily. About a codfish, it is a big catch this year but they said that it is a deficit when they serve a bowl of pot cooking by 500 yen.

"Ebi Jiru" (YEG in Tsuruoka)
400 yen per a bowl
They are participation from Shonai district same as YEG in Sakata. They took part in this year by new pot cooking in order to beat "Dongara Jiru". Soup of a lobster is good, they make a pot cooking of sea.
Ebi Jiru
Ebi Jiru
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"Kamo Nabe" (Shinjou)
Kamo Nabe
(This is a picture at the 5th festival.)
"Kamo Nabe" (YEG in Shinjou)
300 yen per a bowl
They use duck meat of nature, not cultivated, and seasoned it with soy sauce. It is the same name as previous pot cooking. But it seemed that seasoning was changed a little.

"Jyosanebe" (YEG in Nagai)
300 yen per a bowl
They boiled chicken with a soup of sea tangle and dried bonito. It is very unique that they cook many vegetables of "Rainbow Plan" an organic farming system of Nagai city. The name of "Jyosane" is a dialect in Yamagata, it means "It is easy to do", It does not take trouble".

# YEG = Young Enterprise Group
"Jyosanebe" (Nagai)
Larger Picutre...(31KB)

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