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Other Area (4 kinds)
"Date Nabe" (pot cooking of chicken and vegetables)
[YEG in Nakaniida, Miyagi Pref.]
400 yen per a bowl
There are chicken and many variety of vegetables, Chinese cabbage, Japanese radish, carrot, leek and burdock. There is also Japanese "suitonquot;(flour dumplings boiled in soup), this cooking has rich contents.
Date Nabe (Nakaniida)
Date Nabe
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Chanko Nabe
Chanko Nabe (Cooperation of shops in Kitahoncho)
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"Chanko Nabe"
(traditional pot cooking which Japanese sumo wrestlers eat)

[Cooperation of shops in Kitahoncho]
300 yen per a bowl
This cooking took part in this event since 5th festival. This is a original "Chanko Nabe" which was learned former Ozeki "Kirishima".

# Ozeki is a higher class of Japanese sumo wrestler.

"Motsu Nabe" (pot cooking of entrails)
[Tendo Nabemono Aikoukai]
400 yen per a bowl
This cooking is a very popular at a Japanese bar. It makes us very hot in cold winter.
Motsu Nabe
Motsu Nabe (Tendo Nabemono Aikoukai)
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Jinchu Nabe
Jinchu Nabe (T-project)
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"Jinchu Nabe" (pot cooking of pork)
350 yen per a bowl
I think that it tastes like a "Buta Kimuchi Nabe"(pot cooking of pork and korean kimchee) without hotness. This is cooked by tourists who took part in this event from Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture next to Yamagata Prefecture. It is the first time that tourists participated in the event, many people applied with failies.

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