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(Last update: November 29, 2001)
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Promotion of Iyashi Nabe
First participation, "Zennihon Nabemono Kenkyukai"

From this year, they had a poromotion time in the opening ceremony for all participators formally. In the last time (5th competition), each team promoted for themselves with having a loudspeaker. But I think they can compete with each other fairy by the way to give the opportunity that each team can promote their cooking. And visitors can understand what kind of pot cooking participates, I think that this is a very good idea.

At the promotion time, each team had 30 seconds and their microphone was turn off suddenly when the time is over. I think that it becomes funnier like a variety program of television if they sound a chime or gong when the time is over.

Promotion of Imoni
"Imoni" was promoted funnily with Yamagata dialect

Promotion of Buta Kimuchi
A girl wear Korean folk costume promoted "Kimuch nabe"
Promotion of Torobeko Jiru
"Yonezawagyu Torobeko Jiru" with samuari

Promotion of Choruba and Kanjya de Garinya
Promotion of Rumanian and Brazilian cooking
Promotion of Ebi Jiru
Campaing girls promoted "Ebi-Jiru"

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