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(Last update: November 29, 2001)
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condition of the first market
The shop which they sell woodworks

"Heisei Nabe Gassen", that fixed as an event of winter in Tendo now. They originally started as an event to enliven "the first market in Tendo".

From now, they held "the first market" on the "Coming-of-Age Day" of January 15, the nearest day to the little New Year. However, because a law about a holiday was changed, they have a market on Sunday that is the nearest to January 15 from 2000. The day of "Heisei Nabe Gassen" as an event to enliven "the first market in Tendo" is also changed with the day of the first market.

a noted product of the first market, dumpling tree
the shop which they sell gorgeous dumpling trees

At the first market in Tendo, many variety of shops are open, woodworks of cutting boards, vegetables of winter (ex. Chinese cabbage, a Japanese radish) to turn into a pickle and a branch of food (chow mein, vegetable pancakes, etc.). It is a characteristic that they sell daily necessities, the thing which is very close in life.

But, speaking of the first market, it is still "a dumpling tree"(Dangogi). That a shop handling a dumpling tree stands in line in a street of the first market, it looks very brilliant and we become with a light heart.

Team of Jinchu Nabe
Team of "Jinchu Nabe"(T-project)

I arrived at a meeting place before one hour from a event start, this year too, and looked around at many places with a camera. In accordance with "the outbreak of war" from 11:30 a.m., all teams prepared busily. There are some teams that boiled thier food for a long time from a day before and only warm it on that day.

This year, they planned a experience typed sightseeing tour of "Stay overnight to Tendo Onsen(hot spring) and participate in a cooking battle". They raised a participant from Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture next to Tendo city and challenged in an event with the "Jinchu Nabe"

Team of the Kamo Nabe
Team of "Kamo Nabe"(Shinjou)

Some teams serve not only pot food but also local Japanese sake. This year, one team prepare both local Japanese sake and local beer.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Shinjou city, they served their local beer "Pale ale" 400 yen per a glass. All team promoted their special products by each unique way.

Tendo branch of Society of Japanese cooks.
Preparation of "Pot of Clubs"

In order to get a championship title "Nabe Shogun", they have to supply many bowls as many as possible. It decides victory or defeat whether they handle the number of people because a terrible line makes just after the event started.

Therefore, almost teams prepare many bowls with contents and they service their pot food with soup just after a order.

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