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Tendo-han Ishin-gungaku-tai
"Tendo-han Ishin-gungaku-tai"

The opening ceremony was started by a entering of "Tendo-han Ishin-gungaku-tai". It is performed by students of "Tendo Nanbu" elementary school. At the end of Edo era (19C), there was a Great War in Japan, Boshin war. A military commander of a feudal domain "Tendo Oda han", Daihachi YOSHIDA, he guided the armed forces of a new government with them from current Kaminoyama city to current Shinjo city. We can see an appearance at that time from "Ishin-gungaku-tai".

The champion team of last time, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sakata, they entered after the "Tendo-han Ishin-gungaku-tai". And they returned a championship "POT" to the representative of an organizer. At last, the 6th festival of "Heisei Nabe Gassen" would was started.

This time, does team of Sakata also get the championship title? Or does team of Yonezawa of the second place last time get the title? OR dose a new team get the title?

Return of a championship POT
Return of a championship "POT"
Go to war!!
Go to war!!
They sound a conch shell with a signal of the start
They sound a conch shell with a signal of the start

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