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(Last update: August 9, 2000)

Poster of Summer Festival in 2000
[ Poster of Summer Festival in 2000 ]
Hanagasa Parade (update / Aug 3, 2000)
This is the summer festival in Yamagata pref. Many people have a parade of local traditional hat dance.

Shogi Hyakumen-Zashi (update / Jul 30, 2000)
Very unique event! A few professional shogi players play shogi with over 100 children in same time. # This year they have an event at the Central Park.

Shogi Mikoshi parade It's New !(update / Aug 3, 2000)
They have a parade of Japanese Mikoshi on the 2nd day of the summer festival.

Result of ParadeIt's New ! (update / Aug 9, 2000)
You may read lists of the result of parade, Hanagasa parade, Shogi Mikoshi parade, etc.

Map of event place (update / Jul 30, 2000)
Please attention !! You cannot drive in the central Tendo during the Summer Festival. # They control from 5:50p.m. to 9:30p.m.

Poster Gallery (update / Jul 30, 2000)
Display of posters of the Summer Festival. But only 2 now...
# They changed the timetable of 1st day. Please attention !
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Whole about the "Summer Festival" ...
Tourist Center in Tendo
1-1-1, Honcho, Tendo-shi (In the Tendo Station)
TEL +81-23-653-1680 / FAX +81-23-653-1685
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About the "Shogi Hyakumen Zashi" ...
Tendo Junior Chamber
1-7-28, Izumicho, Tendo-shi
TEL +81-23-653-6413
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