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September 30 (Sat.) Abolition the flight between Yamagata and Hakodate?
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The Nakanihon Airline operates the flight between Yamagata and Hakodate. There is only 40% level of an average use rate this year. Apprehension of abolition will come out when the rate doesn't reach 60% meant a profit line. The flight between Yamagata and Hakodate is a newer route since 3 years ago. It is operated as a season service until the end of October from June 1 every year. There are a few passengers of the time of summer vacation this year, the use rate seems to have fallen because main passangers are tourists. Yamagata local goverment plans a cheap package tour toward colored leaves season in autumn and promote activity.
< The use rate of the flight between Yamagata and Hakodate >
June - 51.1%
July - 41.7%
August - 46.1%
Avarage - 46.2% (Last year - 55.2%)

September 29 (Fri.) JR didn't finish to check all railroad ties
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About a found problem of railroad ties of the Yamagata Sinkansen, the Japan Railway East announced that they finished to check all railroad ties, but it became clear that they told a lie. There are about 170 thousand railroad ties between the Yamagata station and the Shinjo station that started a business on December 4 in 1999. And among them, there are about 70,000 railroad ties which are produced by the PS company. Japan Railway East started to check them in emergency and announced that they completed check of all railroad ties.

However, actually, they didn't confirm railroad ties installed in railroad crossings and tunnels at all. It became clear that that 3,600 of them were unconfirmed still. In particular they have a discussion with a local self-governing body as a manager of a road because there is a railroad crossing in a road. So it seems that it takes 1 or 2 months to check those railroad ties. They have a schedule to change all railroad ties before snowing. But it seems to be difficult.

September 28 (Thu.) Finnaly about 4,800 cracking railroad ties found
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The other day, they found there were many cracking railroad ties between the Yamagata station and the Shinjo station of the Yamagata Sinkansen (JR Ou Line). About that, Japan Railway East announced that about 4,800 railroad ties were defective among about 70,000 that the company "PS" produced. They says that there is not a problem at all about traveling safety. But they start to exchange those railroad ties to finish it by November 28. They expect that it costs about 350 million yen to exchange.

The company "PS" recognize cutting corners construction and said...
  • In a manufacturing process to raise strength, they employed employees of a subcontract company and produced their railroad ties who were not familiar with that work.
  • They did not carry out random inspection per 50 railroad ties.

September 27 (Wed.)
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September 26 (Tue.)
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September 25 (Mon.) Ms.SATO wins the 12th beautiful lip mark contest
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They have a last examination committee of "Beautiful Lip Mark Contest" of the event that is held annually in Tendo Onsen(hot spa) at the "Tendo Hotel". This event becomes the 12th time this year, for the customer who stayed at Tendo Onsen (hot spa) from June 1 to August 31. There was 3,665 items entry this year, more 37 items than the last year. A prize winner of this year is below. You can see a lip of Ms.SATO selected as the Best Lip with posters of next year.
Prize of the Best Lip
Ms.Emiko SATOH (Hiranai town in Aomori)
Prize of the Sexy Lip
Ms.Chiyomi OHTSUKA (Misato city in Saitama)
Prize of the couple Lip
Mr.Hiroyuki HYUGA and Ms.Kaori HYUGA (Yokohama city in Kanagawa)
Prize of the Child Lip
Ms.Saki KAMOSHITA (Koufu city in Yamanashi)
Prize of the Dandy Lip
Mr.Mitsuo YAMADA (Yamaguchi)
Prize of the PR comment
Ms.Yukiko IKEDA (Narashino city in Chiba)

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Beautiful Lip Mark Contest

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