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September 17 (Sun.) 30th anniversary of the Tendo junior chamber
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Tendo junior chamber had the 30th anniversary this year. And the memorial ceremony was held at the Takinoyu Hotel in Tendo Onsen(hot spa). They carry out a shogi meeting of a junior high student selected from the whole country annually on August 3 and 4th, the "Shogi Mikoshi(a Japanese portable shrine) parades" at the summer festival.

The Tendo junior chamber was founded as the 466th one in the whole country in 1970. They develop various kinds of activity.
  1. An action as "a town of shogi", ex. a shogi meeting of a junior high student selected from the whole country annually on August, "The Shogi Hyakumen Zashi"(100 children play go with several professional shogi players all at once) at the Tendo summer festival.
  2. An action of sightseeing promotion, ex. changing piece from a traditional hakama figure to armored Musha(Japanese knight) at the event "Ningen Shogi"(Human Japanese Chess Game) in spring, holding the "Shogi Mikoshi(a Japanese portable shrine) parades" at the summer festival.
  3. An action of welfare.

They will install five "A sectional meeting to devise a vision for the 21st century" in future and will seem to grope for a new action
  • Citizen-based town planning
  • Person
  • Shogi / Festival
  • Junior Chamber
  • Woman

September 16 (Sat.)
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September 15 (Fri.)
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September 14 (Thu.) Last training camp of Japanese rhythmic gymnastics team
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The Cuba Olympic Games team of volleyball had a last training camp at the Tohoku Pioneer gymnasium until the other day. In addition, the Japanese Olympic Games team of rhythmic gymnastics have a last training camp at the prefectural sports park in Tendo. They stay until Sunday, September 17. And they have an exhibition performance meeting at the synthesis sports center of Yamagata from 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 16.
<Participant of last training camp>
An individual representative
Rieko MATSUNAGA (Tokyo woman physical education university)
A group representative
Yukari MIZONOBE (Tokyo woman physical education university)
Madoka OKAMORI (Tokyo woman physical education university)
Rie NAKAJIMA (Nippon Women's College of Physical Education)
Yukari MURATA (Tokyo woman physical education university)
Mami NAKAJIMA (Tokyo woman physical education university)
Ayako INEDA (Nikaido senior high school in Nara)
Yoshiko KAMO (a super adviser)
Erika AKIYAMA (a coach)

The main reason seems to be next 3 why they choose Yamagata pref. as a place of last training camp.
  1. Last summer we have the all japan rhythmic gymnastics championship for university student in Sakata city, Yamagata pref.
  2. Facility is regulated because a rhythmic gymnastics club of Tokyo woman physical education university had a training camp in Yamagata city.
  3. A climate is similar to current Sydney
The mood rises all at once because the Japanese representative team of soccer finishes one win at the Olympics promptly. I want them to try hard aiming at the medal by all means.

< Refer to ... >
A profile of rhythmic gymnastics representative [Japanese page]

September 13 (Wed.)
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September 12 (Tue.) City office recruits owners of a cherry tree
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Tendo city office decides to develop a row of cherry trees in the east of Mt. Maizuru as a part of millenium project memorialized Christian era 2000 years. They progresses the Kitame land adjustment enterprise in the East of Mt. Maizuru, and they also develop a row of cherry trees about 1.3 hectares area named "Nanokamachi Fureai Kodou(Nanokamachi contact ancient morality)". And citizens can purchase 100 cherry trees for it.

They set a plate which a full name of a participant, a kind of cherry tree and memorial words were engraved on each cherry tree. Those trees please many people for a long time from now and city office manages them after a plant. I think that this is very reasonable "shopping." If you intend to plant in memory of something, you had better be absent from work and go for an application because they recruit ONLY 100 trees.
<About cherry trees>
ONLY 100 trees (in the order of arrival)
Kind of cherry tree
Someiyoshino, Ohyamazakura, Yaezakura, etc.(You cannot appoint it about a kind of a cherry tree and the place to set)
Large -70,000 yen (about 5 meters high, about 30 centi meters long of trunk circumferences)
Little -20,000 yen (about 4 meters high, about 18 centi meters long of trunk circumferences)
An application
From Wednesday, September 20 to Friday, October 20
Tendo City Office / TEL +81-23-654-1111
# An application is converted into payment.

September 11 (Mon.) Mystery tour by plane in Nov.and Dec.
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The Yamagata branch of Japanese association of travel agency(JATA) and the promotion council of Yamagata Airport, they plans a mystery tour from Yamagata Airport to promote a use of the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo. The number of tourists decreases from November every year, the number of passangers also decreases in accordance with tourists. The flight between Yamagata and Tokyo will be abolished if we cannot stop decrease passangers. But on the other hand, if we can keep the rate of passangers more than 70% of capacity, they will increase the flight per a day.

Because this time they prepare some plans as a part of expansion for the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo, they use that flight at all plans. These contents are more substantial than usual an package tour. Would you try while looking forward to go where?
A domestic trip (a mystery tour: indistinct a destination until the day)
Stay for 3 days
88,000 yen (all courses commonness)
8 courses "I visit home of ceramic ware", "A night view appreciation tour", "The Japanese history", etc.
Departure day:
From Sunday, November 19, 2000 to Sunday, December 10, 2000
Overseas travel
Stay for 4 days
99,000 yen (all courses commonness)
3 courses (Singapore, Taiwan and Bangkok)
The Yamagata branch of Japanese association of travel agency
TEL +81-23-629-6981

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