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September 24 (Sun.)
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September 23 (Sat.) Forum of "Dewa no Mitsumori" is also held this year
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At the center of Tendo, there are 3 mountains, Mt.Maizuru where we have the event "Ningen Shogi" every spring, Mt.Hachiman and Mt.Koshiou. It is called "Dewa no Mitsumori"(3 mountains of Tendo). And we have the "Dewa no Mitsumori Forum" at the Chuou community center of Tendo. It is a forum to think about history and nature of 3 mountains.

In a department of morning, they took a walk while commenting on vegetation and the history of Mt. Maizuru. And afternoon, they took a memorial lecture of Isao AKOJIMA (Prof. humanities department of the Yamagata University) and a panel discussion.

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Location of Mt.Maizuru (Whole Maps of Tendo)

September 22 (Fri.) 4,441 crazing railroad ties of the Yamagata Sinkansen
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About defective railroad ties found between the Yamagata station and the Shinjo station of the Yamagata Sinkansen (JR Ou Line), the Japan Railway EAST announced as an interim report that they inspected 56,093 railroad ties still now and founded 4,441 railroad ties (about 8% of them) cracked. They announced that there is not a problem in the service at all. However, they think about the long-term durability, they will check all railroad ties which the same manufacturer produced and will exchange. They finished to check about around 80% of railroad ties between the Yamagata station and the Shinjo station. They construct it quickly in order to finish by October 3, 2000.

September 21 (Thu.) 80% of a council answered it is need to argument a merger
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Yamagata local goverment carried out a questionnaire about merger of towns and villages for members of a council of the 44 city, towns and villages in Yamagata prefecture. As a result, 79.2% of them answered that "it needs to argue" or "it needs to argue either" about a merger of local self-governing bodies. Furthermore, about a merger with "neighborhood", 67.1% of them answered that "it needs to examine it" or "it needs to examine it either".

About examination of merger
As the opinion that it need to merger...
  • Promotion of efficiency of administrative affairs, Cancellation of repetition of a similar institution and Expense reduction by staff reduction (70.2% of respondents)
  • It is able to plan a Citizen-based town planning effectively from a point of view of a wide area (63.9% of respondents)
As the opinion that it doesn't need to merger...
  • We cannot receive careful services (69.6% of respondents)
  • Even if they don't merge each other, they can correspond to demand to administration by a joint processing of office work (54.6% of respondents)
In addition, as a target of merger in Murayama area, a group of 2 cities and 2 towns except Tendo city (Yamagata city, Kaminoyama city, Yamanobe town and Nakayama town), a group of 2 cities and 1 town (Tendo city, Higashine city and Kahoku town), it seems that they are conscious of as a desirable merger partner each other. Until now the 2 cities 2 towns included Yamagata city, they appealed to merger with Tendo intensely. However, when I judge it from this result, their enthusiasm seems to have cooled down completely.

I think this is a reason that
  1. an object opinion to merger exceeded the majority in Tendo by a similar questionnaire for a citizen in May, 2000
  2. The mayor of Tendo speak formally over and over again that they don't intend to merge right now

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Against a merger, citizen of Tendo answered NO! [Now translating]
Merger around Tendo [Now translating]

September 20 (Wed.) Visit Italy to invite a base camp of the World Cup Soccer
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Tendo city runs as the base camp ground at the Soccer World Cup meeting held by a combination of Japan and Korea in 2002. They have a 2nd meeting of the invitation executive committee of a base camp at Tendo city office.

An official citizen visit group visits one of sister city, Marostica in Italy from Wednesday, September 6, 2000. City of Tendo decides this visit with a good opportunity. They visit Italy soccer association and promote a base camp invitation. In Japan, Italy embassy will hold an event "Italy year in Japan" in 2001. In this event, they have a schedule of a friendship match of soccer between Italy representative team and Japanese representative team. The Italy soccer association, they promise that they will dispatch two person in charges to Tendo at this time.

I hear that City of Tendo receive an offer from the Italy embassy to hold the "Human Chess Game" of the home at the event "Italy year in Japan". If "Ningen Shogi" and "person chess" are held at the same time, the popularity of Tendo may spread more than before.

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Italy year in Japan
Location of Marostica in Italy (Excite MAPS)

September 19 (Tue.) 7,000 yen discount of the hotel charges by the flight
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The conference of use expansion promotion of the Yamagata Airport, they give a service to discount the hotel charges located aroud the Yamagata Airport as one of promotion of the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo that All Nippon Airways operates. This discount service started from Friday, June 16, 2000. They anticipated 2,000 passengers to use this service at first. However they understood that only 200 passengers used it by the end of August, 2000.

They consider that the biggest cause is a lack of promotion in Tokyo area. From this result, they decided to extend a discount service until Wednesday, December 20, 2000. And furthermore, they enlarged a discount rate and decided to do discount of maximum 7,000 yen from the hotel charges.
<Discount from October 1 to December 20>
<Until September 30>
Return way : Adult 7,000 yen / Children 4,900 yen
<--- Adult 5,000 yen / Child 3,500 yen
One way : Adult 2,500 yen / Children 2,450 yen
<--- Adult 2,500 yen / Child 1,750 yen
You need next conditions in order to receive this discount service
  1. You have to take the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo before or after one week to stay.
  2. You have to show an embarkation stub or a boarding pass of the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo at the front desk of hotels.
We have some autumn festivals in Tendo from now. You can get to Tendo in a hour by the plane. Enjoying colored leaves of the mountains while tasting noted product of Yamagata "Imoni", how is it such a journey?

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All Nippon Airway(ANA)

September 18 (Mon.) Cook society treats Imoni at the Meikouen
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The Tendo branch of the Yamagata cook society, they visited the the old-age home for special care "Meikouen" at Yanome area in Tendo city in order to have you taste autumn taste "Imoni" of Yamagata. They also visited them last year. They cooked "Imoni" in each hotel of the Tendo Onsen(hot spa) which is a usual working place and carried amounted to 140 people shares to Meikouen.

By the way, they take part in the event in January "Heisei Nabe Gassen" every year. At this event, we can eat many variety of pot food, not only in Japanese food but also food in other countries. So you have a chance to eat their cooking. Last year they exhibited 4 pan cookings, "Oyako Ishikari Nabe"(cooking of a salmon and Salmon roe), "Jidori Kinoko Nabe"(cooking of native chicken and mushroom), etc. I think that we can also expect their cooking this year.

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Heisei Nabe Gassen

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