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September 3 (Sun.) International jazz festival "Jazz Meeting 2000"
(Highestthe highest 25.9C /Lowestthe lowest 21.1C /Cloudyweather - cloudy) [
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On the first Sunday in September, there are a lot of events in whole Yamagata pref, athletic meets at each place, "The leading Imoni party in Japan" at Yamagata city. And in Tendo, we have the Yamagata international jazz festival "Jazz Meeting 2000" at the prefectural sports park.

This is held in form to succeed an event at Zao until year before last. Many artists come over to perform not only in Japan but also in other countries. They play the Jazz continuously from noon to 9:00 p.m., it must be a happy day for jazz fans. It is bad weather to hold an event outdoor because it is a little rain. But there are stalls of liquor and food, the event has a good atmosphere.

People in Yamagata are very shy, it seems that there are many people who cannot be familiar in an atmosphere to become lively together as a concert. However, we have many such big events in future, I intend to become urbane by a little.

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September 2 (Sat.) 2nd record of the number of daytime in midsummer
(Highestthe highest 32.7C /Lowestthe lowest 26.8C /Fineweather - fine) [
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Yamagata city and Tendo city are located in a Murayama basin, there is a characteristic that it is very hot in summer and it is very cold in winter even if Yamagata pref. is in Tohoku(north east) region. And we recorded the best temperature in Japan of 40.8C at Yamagata city on July 25 in 1933. Murayama basin include of Tendo city, it is is surrounded to the mountains of "Zao" mountain range in the east, sacred mountain "Gassan" in the west. So, there is a situation to generate foehn phenomenon in Murayama basin.

For such a weather condition, we have a record of the annual number of daytime in midsummer for 63 days in 1939, for 61 days in 1978. However, we record daytime in midsummer for 61 days this year by today. It is arranged in a 2nd record of our history. The Yamagata branch of Japanese weather association announces that the lingering summer heat seems to still continue for a while. It seem to update 63 days of the best record.

When you watch a change of weather in August introduced at a top page of "News in Tendo", you see that a fine day continues in August, it hardly rains. It is good weather to wash clothes and air bedding, but most farmers continue waiting for rainfall eagerly longed for.

# A foehn phenomenon: A phenomenon the air which fell across a mountain range dries, and to hang down a temperature rise
# Daytime in midsummer: The day when the highest temperature in the daytime exceeded 30 degrees

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September 1 (Fri.) Protection against disasters training on October 1
(Highestthe highest 34.2C /Lowestthe lowest 23.0C /Fineweather - fine) [
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Do you know that September 1 is "a day of protection against disasters" in Japan? I prepare a rucksack with water and save food at an entrance after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. By the way, they train a protection against disasters in whole country on September 1. In Tendo city, they will train at a ground of the Araya elementary school on Sunday, October 1 this year.

At that day, we can see a practice by a fire brigade of Tendo-shi and experience a training by yourself. A helicopter to protection against disasters "Mogami" comes over, too. Do you go to see this event with your family?

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