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September 9 (Sat.) Soccer lesson of Ramos Rui for primary schoolchildren
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They have a child soccer lesson by Ramos Rui at the prefectural sports park in Tendo. Ramos Rui is a athlete participated actively in Japanese soccer community. About 300 primary schoolchildren gathered this school around Murayama district(,Tendo, Yamagta, etc.).

In Tendo, these days, we sometimes have a chance to watch a play of athletes who are active in front line of sports community and to take part in lessons by leading athletes. Cuban Olympics representative team of volleyball take an open exercise until today at the Tohoku Pioneer gymnasium in Tendo. And next, rhythmic gymnastics representative team in Japan decided to take a last adjustment training camp in Tendo. I don't know whether they have an open exercise. It is proud for us that there is an excellent environment close to us which representatives of a country use.

September 7 (Thu.) Open exercise of Cuba Olympic Games team of volleyball
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The Sydney Olympics start from the end of September, 2000. In Tohoku Pioneer gymnasium of Tendo, the Cuba representative volleyball team take a training camp of last adjustment. A volleyball team of Tohoku Pioneer is the team which active in a professional volleyball league "V1 league" in Japan. This time they asked to Cuba for an adjustment training camp with each other.

On Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9, they have an open exercise for the volleyball athletes. They have a plan to play an open practice game with the Tohoku Pioneer team. There must be worth for members of volleyball club to watch their play.
<Schedule of an open exercise>
Friday, September 8 / from 3:30 p.m.
Friday, September 9 / from 9:00 a.m.

Tohoku Pioneer gymnasium
TEL +81-23-654-9159

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Tohoku Pioneer volleyball team [Japanese page]

September 6 (Wed.) International exchange with pictures of children
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The international exchange association in Tendo which the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo acts as the secretariat, they decide to promote an international exchange with exchange pictures of children each other. The international exchange association in Tendo, they dispatched a citizen visit group in the end of January, 2000 to Marlborough city in New Zealand, one of a sister city. At a party, they show an idea to exchange pictures of children each other in order to deepen an exchange furthermore. This is a concrete essential point about application.
<Recruitment target>
children from 3 years old to 12 years old.
A quarter of drawing paper
Pictures of imminent scenery or a person
<Entry matter>
name, name of school, grade, title of your work, message for children in Marlborough
September 30, 2000
<Application and Inquiry>
1-3-28, Oinomori, Tendo-shi, Yamagata pre. JAPAN 994-0013
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo
TEL +81-23-654-3511

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo [ Japanese page ]

September 5 (Tue.) Italian school meal memorialized a visit group dispatch
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Tendo city have two sister cities, Marostica in Italy and Marlborough in New Zealand. A citizen group visited Marlborough city in the end of January, 2000. Following this, another group will visit Marlborough city from September 6(Wednesday).

In each elementary schools and junior high schools in Tendo, they serve 5 kinds of Italian meal as a memorial to visit Marostica, Rizotto soup, Cheese fried chicken, Olive salad, Soft French bread and Wine jelly. Cooks use Italy rice and follow both menus preliminary seasoning with herb, they bring those food close to taste of the home. Dietician thought about that menu after she went to a restaurant in Tendo and received many advices. Even if you say the supply of food with a simple word, every day dietician have to think many variety of food with fix balance of nourishment in a limited cost, furthermore, have to make characteristic menus. It is not an effort of averageness.

September 4 (Mon.) Only 30,000 people may turn a town to a CITY
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The Liberal Democratic Party decide a policy to relax a condition of population that a town and a village can become a CITY with a merger, and decide to submit a reform bill of special merger law at an extraordinary session of the Diet in the end of September. Even if a town and a village merge with each other, more than 40000 population need to become a CITY in a current law. However, the Liberal Democratic Party moderates this condition in order to promote merger, only 30,000 people can make a CITY.

A matter about population of a local government is fixed with the Local Government Act. So far it was the condition that there was that more than 50000 population became a city. And a revision of a special merger law revision established in 1998, the condition change to 40,000 people. The Liberal Democratic Party revises this special merger law that self-governing bodies can become a CITY by only 30,000 people.

Surely, we have an image that "city" is urban than "town". However, there are a lot of towns and villages which shine and show a personality than a city. I consider that a relaxation of this condition is just a "premium".

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