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August 27 (Sun.) 8th "Mountain motorcycle Yamagata meeting in Tendo"
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At the Tendo plateau which it takes 30 minutes from the central Tendo by car, they held the event "8th Mountain motorcycle Yamagata competition in Tendo". A mountain motorcycle association of Higashine holds this event every year. Originally they held in Higashine city, but by circumstances of a meeting place, they moved the place to Tendo in 1997. This year totally 340 athletes take part in this event, people not only in Yamagata but also Tohoku district and Hokkaido district. Because there was a campground on Tendo plateau, a lot of participants seemed to camp there from the day before.

A lot of family visit the Tendo plateau in summertime for a spacious open field and the cow which were put out to pasture. However, we have never been a REAL event till now. I think that that they turn this event into a larger-scale thing in future and lead to PR of Tendo plateau and attracting tourist.

August 26 (Sat.)
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August 25 (Fri.)
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August 24 (Thu.) Declaration of flower at Cosmos Berg
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They declare that cosmoses come into flower at the cosmos field "Cosmos Berg" in Mt. Omoshiro. There is Mt. Omoshiro in Yamagata city, not in Tendo city. But We go by way of "Tendo Kougen"(plateau of Tendo) when we visit there by car. It still blooms one-fifth, they say that the best season to see becomes the middle of October from the middle of September.
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Fujihana Sansou (Fujihana mountain cottage)
TEL +81-23-657-3466

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Location of Tendo Kougen(plateau of Tendo)

August 23 (Wed.)
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August 22 (Tue.) Dedication of traditional Takatama lion dance
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In the Takadama district in the southern part of Tendo, Takadama lion dance handed down from the Edo era (16C) was dedicated to a Kawakami Shinto shrine.

In the early days of Edo era (16C), inhabitants of Tsuchihashi district of Nakayama-cho that there is in the west of Tendo, they informed inhabitants of Takadama of the dance that they learned at the temple Eihei-ji in Fukui prefecture. The tradition of lion dance had been cut off once, but revived in about 1897(30 of Meiji era). After it has been cut off again in 1989(1 of Heisei era). But infabitants of Takadama formed a preservation society in May, 1998 (10 of Heisei era), and after that, they dedicate to a Kawakami Shinto shrine on August 22 every year.

A lion dance is done by "middle lion" as a leading role, male lion, female lion and amounted to 7 of a child lion, they perform total 12 dance program.

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Location of Kawakami Shinto shrine (Whole map of Tendo)

August 21 (Mon.) Visit Italy embassy to invite a base camp at the world cup soccer
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Toward World Cup soccer held by Japan and Korea in 2002, Tendo city does invitation activity of a base camp. And today, the mayor of Tendo visits the Italy embassy in Tokyo and ask to stay the Italy team in Tendo as a base camp.

Tendo is a sister city with Marostica in Italy and official citizen visit group stay there until Wednesday on 13th from Wednesday, September 6. At that time, they hand a promotion video tape of Tendo to the mayor of Marostica and ask him to introduce Tendo to all quarters respect in order to come true a base camp of Tendo.

In Marostica, they have a festival of "Human Chess Game" once in 2 years. In Tendo, we have a festival "Ningen Shogi(Human Japanese Chess Game)" every spring. We became a sister city on April 22 in 1989.

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Location of Marostica in Italy (Excite MAPS)

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