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August 31 (Thu.) Discovery of cracked railroad ties of the Yamagata Sinkansen
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These days there is a problem of omitted construction of a house in Japan. And now there is a doubt that they constructed railroad ties of Yamagata Shinkansen(bullet express) made by concrete with omission. The Yamagata Sinkansen, it starts a part between the Yamagata station and the Shinjo station last December(1999) which contained Tendo station. Members of maintenance discovered about 200 cracked railroad ties in this section. Those railroad ties cracked at the center, about 20 centimeter long.

There are about 107,000 railroad ties in the section from Yamagata station to Shinjo station. And there are about 70,000 made by the problematic company "PS". The East Japan Railway does not turn a train into suspension because they judge that there is not a problem in service. However, they decide to check these railroad ties in emergency and change them.

August 30 (Wed.) 75.7%, the use rate of the flight to Tokyo in August
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About the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo that All Nippon Airways operates, Yamagata local goverment says announced that the use rate in August is 75.7%, the best record this year. The average use rates from January to August becomes 61.3%.

A passenger of the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo decreased since it became only 1 plane per a day. But the company "All Nippon Airways" promised to investigate an increase of plane if the use rate is maintained more than 70%. In Japan, there is a custom to go back to their hometown in August and the end and the beginning of the year. So there is many passanger this month. But from now tourists decrease in autumn and winter. I am afraid of decreasing passangers.

August 29 (Tue.) Exhibition of Mr.Chuichi KONNO in a city museum
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At the City museum of art in Tendo in the north neighbor of Tendo city office, they start an exhibition of a cover picture by Mr. Chuichi KONNO from Wednesday, August 30. He is a painter of a Japanese traditional painting born at Oginoto, Tendo and now live in Warabi city, Saitama pref. He act as a honorary professor of Tohoku art college engineering, a councilor of the House of Japanese art and a director.

They will hold this exhibition until Sunday, October 1. And from Friday, October 6, they have a 2nd exhibition of his works about Japanese mountains. Mr. KONNO oneself is also present at opening ceremony, and have a memory lecture from 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 7. Please try to see his works in order to know a great man from native district.
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City museum of art (TEL +81-23-654-6300)

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August 28 (Mon.) The mayor replies it about wide area merger in a municipal assembly
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In a ordinary municipal assembly, we had a last day of general interpellation today. One member of a city council started a question about the wide area merger problem that wore heat recently. Noboru ENDOH, current mayor of Tendo city, answered below same as still now.
  • It is for a citizen to decide merger, and it is not for administration to decide it.
  • Instead of merger with 3 cities ans 2 towns included with Yamagata city, we should think about Higashine city and Kahoku town.
About trash processing, Tendo city makes a processing association of "Cleanpia Kyoritsu" with Higashine city and Kahoku town. On the other hand, Yamagata city makes another processing association with Kaminoyama city, Yamanobe town and Nakayama town. When I consider such a point, I think whether the possibility of "Merger" with Higashine city and Kahoku town is bigger than with Yamagata city. In addition, when I think from a point of image, we can promote our hometown as "a leading city of the cherry" and "a leading city of the saflower" in Japan if Tendo city merge with Higashine city and Kahoku town. So we can raise the popularity more than before in Japan.

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