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August 6 (Sun.)
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August 5 (Sat.)
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August 4 (Fri.)
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August 3 (Thu.) A Cherry tourists increased this year
(Highestthe highest 32.3C /Lowestthe lowest 22.7C /Thunderweather - thunder) [Index and Temp.]
According to the announcement of Yamagata local goverment, 471,300 tourists have visited in a cherry season of this year. As for this number, 18% increases compared with the last yearIt. Yamagata local goverment and many autonomies develop a big sightseeing promotion "Destination Campaing" from the middle of June to the end of August. They position the hot spring which there are at all 44 autonomies in Yamagata pref in a main theme .
< Number of cherry tourists in 2000 >
Sagae city
205,000 (10.8% up)
Higashine city
95,600 (82.0% up)
Tendo city
79,000 (4.9% up)
Kaminoyama city
66,700 (6.2% up)
Nanyo city
25,000 (4.6% up)
In Tendo city, the number of tourist increased somewhat compared with the last year, too. We are surprised at increase rate of Higashine city. When the Yamagata Sinkansen starts a business, they submitted a large amount of expense to change the station name to "Sakuranbo(means cherry) Higashine station". Their effort would lead to promote their city. There is a viewpoint that we have a shogi(Japanese chess) to promote Tendo. But I think that delicious food is necessary to gather tourists, visitors.
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Sightseeing orchard in Tendo

August 2 (Wed.) Current mayor will run for again the election
(Highestthe highest 33.4C /Lowestthe lowest 24.8C /Cloudyweather - cloudy) [Index and Temp.]
We have a election of the mayor in February, next year. And the current mayor Noboru ENDOH expressed an intention to run for again at the meeting of the supporter's association. He formally express to run for the election in a municipal assembly from the end of August.

About the mayoral election of next year, one member of municipal assembly sent a question about re-running in the last municipal assembly. He reserved position at that occasion. There is few case that a mayor retires in only one sitting. It is a proper case to attend the second sitting, I think.
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Avoiding declaration about re-running (News in Tendo : 3rd week in June, 2000)

August 1 (Tue.) Cleaning of station square by tenant of Palte
(Highestthe highest 35.5C /Lowestthe lowest 25.1C /Fineweather - fine) [Index and Temp.]
A society of each tenant of Tendo station building "Palte", they began cleaning activity of the station square every month on 1st and 15th. "Palte" is opened in accordance with the National Athletic Meet in 1992 (4 of Japanese Heisei era). However it is closed down partially for a long time after the supermarket "Yamazawa" which was the core withdrew. In Tendo station square, the very lonely situation continued.

Therefore, last year, Tendo city bought up it and "Palte" started as a tenant building. Now some shops open in "Palte", Tourist center, restaurant, hairdressing, etc. All divisions are not filled up yet. They have a plan to have an event to make an image of the station square better.

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