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August 20 (Sun.)
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August 19 (Sat.) The nation increase the budget in order to accelerate a merger of towns and villages
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The Ministry of Home Affairs, they decided to distribute 50 million yen for each prefectural office from the next fiscal year in order to advance the merger of self-governing bodies. And they have a plan to let the movement of merger accelerate, they increase largely a merger subsidy distributed for the city, towns and villages to merge actually.

Concretely, they will distribute 5 million yen to each self-governing bodies which establish a merger meeting (an organization pushing forward talks about merger of towns and villages), from 20 million yen to 1 billion yen to each self-governing bodies which merge actually according to population scale.

August 18 (Fri.) "Talking with the governor" is held in Palte
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They have an event "Talking with the governor" at Tendo station building "Palte", a citizen can meet and changes a direct opinion for the Yamagata governor. More than 200 citizen of Tendo gathered in a meeting place, they asked questions about enterprises of a local goverment and requested their own demands. From the local goverment, the Yamagata governor and some directors were present as a representative of the actual spot, the agricultural improvement diffusion center, Tounan-Murayama (east and south area in Murayama region) union agency and Murayama public health center.

They took the time that exceeded a plan largely and exchange their opinion about various kinds of theme.

a problem about reduction of the acreage under cultivation
expansion of road to aboid traffic jam and to walk safety
World Cup Soccer:
campaign to invitate a base camp at the Soccer World Cup held by Japan and Korea union in 2002
Wide area merger:
What kind of idea does local goverment have ?
In Tendo, the mayor goes around each district in whole city and he has a meeting to talk with area inhabitants directly every year. But there was no opportunity that a citizen talked with the Yamagata governor directly still now. It is a city office that become a window of a citizen, I think whether there is little opportunity to go to the prefectural office for most people. However, if they have that meeting once in a year, I think that administration can understand will of inhabitants.

August 17 (Thu.)
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August 16 (Wed.)
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August 15 (Tue.)
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August 14 (Mon.) Questionnaire about wide area merger to all assembly members in Yamagata pref.
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Yamagata local goverment, they carry out a questionnaire about circumstances of integrated administration of a large region, included merger of self-governing bodies, to all the members of each assembly of 44 self-governing bodies in Yamagata pref. There are 44 self-governing bodies in Yamagata pref., totally there are 889 members of assemblies.
As a question item of questionnaire, they prepared below for example.
Is there necessity to examine merger?
When you examine merger, do you examine merger by how much scale, how much range ?
Which city, towns and villages are desirable as a target of merger?
Yamagata local goverment will show a combination of merger of self-governing bodies on the basis of result of this questionnaire. However, there have never been the election that put a focus on merger of self-governing bodies. I don't think that members of a city council represents the general will of inhabitants unconditionally even if inhabitants elected members of a city council,

Furthermore, Yamagata local goverment says that they make the summary in order to let argument become active, not in order to promote merger. Making such a summary in the situation that there is not an opinion to demand merger between inhabitants, it means that the nation have only to push forward merger of self-governing bodies, I think. The Ministry of Home Affairs, they directed each local goverment to make the summary shown a combination of self-governing bodies during this year. An attitude of a state seems me that they ignore inhabitants and push forward merger at first.

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