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The general people who proposed beforehand play Samurai.
Parade of Samurais
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In 2001, they prepared many new attractions. One of them is this parade of samurai(warrior). They departed at the station of Tendo at 10:00 a.m. and go to the area of Onsen hotels. They have never promoted before, there were few people without staffs of TV stations and shop staffs. But I think that many people will gather for this parade if they promote and continue this.

The car which raised a signboard of "Ningen Shogi" led this parade. And the end of the parade, the Dashi(festival car) continued on which Japanese traditional drums performer rode. But some people said that it was more beautiful, more exciting if they rode horses and paraded. About the event of horse, I imagine the "Chagu Chagu Makko" in Morioka, Iwate pref. It is very difficult for staffs of parade because they have to pick up horse's dung. But I think it is worth examining.

Japanese Geisha girls in Tendo spa perform the pawn.
Parade of Samurai
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