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"Ishin Gungakutai"
Ishin Gungakutai
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At about 1:30 p.m., they finished the game once and held a mini event(quiz) about their next turn. It is the first time to hold. This was a quiz for visitors to answer their next first turn, they presented special products of Tendo for correct answer persons who selected by a lottery.

And they held a performance of Japanese traditional drums "Wadaiko Gassen"(the battle of drums) in an interval of game. At first, students of "Tendo Nanbu" elementary school beat "Ishin Gungakutai"(military band in 19C).

An origin of the "Ishin Gungakutai"(military band in 19C) goes back to the battle of "Boshin Sensou" in the latter period of the Edo era. When that battle was started, a feudal clan of "Tendo Oda Han" was commanded as a guidance in the Yamagata prefecture by the new government force. They went over the "Sasaya" peak from Miyagi prefecture to current Yamagata city and came to Tendo. The military band "Ishin Gungakutai" went to Yamagata to meat them and went to Shinjo at the north area of Yamagata prefecture with beating drums and playing pipes. They says that this is the origin. These days we can see thier performance at the event "Ningen Shogi" and the event "Heisei Nabe Gassen" in winter.

After that, they performed one of local traditional Japanese drums "Ryujin Daiko" which was handed down at the Nukuzu area. The area of Nukuzu is located at the south east from the Tendo spa, there is the "Jyagara Mogara" which is Yamagata designated cultural assets in the heart of mountains.

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"Jyagara Mogara" (Tendo Navigator)
They played amounted to 3 pieces.
They played amounted to 3 pieces.<
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Woman performer was also spirited.
Woman performer was also spirited.
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