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These are the impression that is self-centeredness as follows.

< The point that I considered to have improved. >
Some new directions
Many people felt mannerism about the "Ningen Shogi" recently. But this year, they held some new directions, a parade of samurai from the station of Tendo to the Tendo spa, performance of samurai had a story. I felt their posture to improve the event. If they take a little new thing every year, a repeater of tourist increases, I think that it becomes a splendid event.

The improvement for a smooth progress
About a victory report after the game finished, they went up to a memorial monument of shogi peice and reported still last year. But this year, they held a special altar established next to a large shogi board. I think that this way is better than previous way because it is easy for almost tourists to see this ceremony and progress becomes smooth.

And about a lesson with professional shogi players after the "Ningen Shogi" was finished, they held on a large shogi board stil last year. But this year, they held on a lawn field near the large shogi board. Every year Many people took memorial photographs of appeared samurai on a shogi board. So, it took about 20 minutes or 30 minutes to start a preparation of a lesson.
Full bloomed cherry trees
Full bloomed cherry trees
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Shogi monument on the Mt.Maizuru
Shogi monument on the Mt.Maizuru
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<Necessity of consideration>
Who is a target of this event?
In the beginning of latter half of the game, Mr.Takeshi FUJII as a commentator who has the professional title "Ryuou" asked visitors about abilities of shogi. Then, most answer was the people who did not know shogi. The turn that he asked was "Beginner class", "Higher class", "Just Beginning" and "Don't know at all". So, I think that he had a preconception that all visitors know shogi. There wll be a problem to think about setting the event "Ningen Shogi" to any kind of people.

I think that it is very happy for people knowing shogi to watch a game between professional shogi players before theirs eyes. However, it is also a fact that a lot of people leave an event place when the first half of the game is finished. I think that such people come to enjoy an atmosphere of "Ningen Shogi" like a world in the Middle Ages rather than the game itself. If they put an importance in such a various people, it is necessary to shorten the time of the game for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

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