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It is nice day to see cherry blossoms.
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This year we had the event "Ningen Shogi" with full bloomed cherry trees after a long time, it was the last time before 5 or 6 years. It was very fine, not only local TV stations but also TV Asahi in Tokyo, they broadcasted circumstances of "Ningen Shogi" at the TV news program in the evening on Saturday, April 21. There is that influence, so many tourists came to the event place on the top of Mt.Maizuru on Sunday, April 22. Touirsts could see both cherry trees and the "Ningen Shogi". I thought they were very lucky.

In an event place of "Ningen Shogi", "Miss Koma no Jyoou"(Campaing girl of Tendo), who were selected by a contest on Sunday, April 8, played the part of town daughters in the Middle Ages of Japan and went around an event place. They were took pictures according to memory photography of a tourist. Around event place, they hold a photo contest as a attraction of "Ningen Shogi", many amature photographers took pictures of children who played innocently, samurai who waited for taking the field, professional women models, etc.

Campaign girls and tourists
Campaign girls and tourists
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