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Memorial service for Shogi pieces

Memorial Service
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Memial service for shogi(Japanese chess) pieces is very unique, only in Tendo city. They offer shogi pieces which they have mistakes to make.

In Japan, over 95 % of shogi pieces are made in Tendo city.

These offering is simillar to Buddhist one. It is very unique that there is shogi pieces in the center of table. Many bonze in Tendo city chant a sutra.
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After the pray by bonzes, the mayor of Tendo city and many others prayed.

The professional Shogi players also prayed for pieces of Shogi.
    Ms. Haruko SAITA with the professional title "Ousyou"
    Ms. Mayumi HAYASHI with 2nd grade.
    Mr. Masataka SUGIMOTO with 5th grade
    Mr. Yuki IIZUKA with 5th grade.

At last, Mr.Kousuke SHOJI who is the president of Associasion of Shogi piece pray for the Ningen Shogi (Human Japanese Chess Game).

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