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Around the place

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Around the Mt.Maizuru, they display many flags. Back color is pink and painted Samurai. There are flags from the entrance of Mt.Maizuru to the top of the Mt.Maizuru.

It takes about 10 minuites from the entrance to the top on foot. These flags and open-air shops make us feel good.

At the top of the Mt.Maizuru, there is a big TV.

South of the place for "Ningen Shogi", there is large grass. Many people have "Ohanami" parties on it. This TV is for that people.
[Big TV(8KB-jpeg)]

Post cards
[Post cards(8KB-jpeg)]
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Many shops are open from the entrance to the top. Post office is also open and they sell memorial postcards and stamps. We can get them only this time.

Perhaps you become milionaire ?

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