Ningen Shogi (Match of Shogi)
(Last modified: Feb 25, 1999)
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Sankon no Gi

They play a match of shogi on the special shogi board at the to of the Mt.Maizuru. The board is 16 meters lengts and 14 meters widths and a square is 1.5 meters lengths and 1.2 meters widths.
Match of Shogi
Match of Shogi(16KB-Jpeg)
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So the board is very large to see easily.
But other professional shogi players will comment a match of shogi by smaller board.

Some commentator,especially older one, have rich wits.
Many visitors enjoy without knowledge about shogi.

Whenever a piece of shogi moves, the "Oushou Daiko" whicth is one team of Japanese traditional drum plays their drums.
They play diferent way of each shogi pieces.
More higher piece, more majestic they play.
Oushou Daiko
Oushou Daiko
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