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Sankon no Gi

At first, the blue team enter. Many Samurais with aromor is not specialist, not professional.

They apply to the Tourism Promotion Association in Tendo. So they are usual citizen, tourists etc.
Blue Team
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Red Team
[Red team(11KB-jpeg)]
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Next, the red team enter. Many women follow Samurais. They are "Geigi" (Geisha girls) in Tendo spa. They perform as the pieces "Fuhyou" (Pawn).

Befomare the game, they have a ceremony, called "Sankon no Gi". This ceremony is to cheer up and with for own win.

We Japanese take over the ceremony like that still now. It is the ceremony "San San Ku Do". We can see it at the wedding paty by the bride and bridgerom.
Sankon no Gi
[Sankon no Gi(10KB-jpeg)]
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