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< Summer Festival in 1999 >
Hanagasa Parade
Participation / 20 groups (1,305 people)
Shogi Mikoshi Parade
Participation / 23 groups (1,500 people)
< Hanagasa Parade(Tourists Devision) >
< Hanagasa Parade(General Participation) Devision >
1st Place
Cosmo Tendo Hanagasa Kankoudan (Takinoyu Hotel)
2nd Place
Keroyama kanpo Ryokoukai (Hotel Oushou)
3rd Place
Kawagoe Kanpo Ryokoukai (Hotel Oushou)
Effort Prize
Nikkou Shinyou Kinko (Shinjoukan)
1st Place
Nation culture circle "Yomoyamakai"
2nd Place
Matsuwaka Suereikai
3rd Place
Tendo Minyou Jyuseikai
Effort Prize
Yamagata branch of Virnal Co.,Inc
Tendo high school (prefectural senior high school)
< Mikoshi Parade (Adult Department) >
< Mikoshi Parade (Child Department) >
Prize of the Mayor
Nakazato Higashimachi Society
Prize of the chief of executive committee
Takaki Biryukai
Prize of examination committee
Prize of the chief director of Tendo JC
Football team of Nanbu elem.
Prize of the chief of earth citizen development room
Hoshi kindergarten
Prize of a local interchange promotion chairperson
Higashihoncho Kodomokai Ikuseikai
(Child upbringing society in Higashihoncho area)
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< Summer Festival in Tendo >
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